Superhuman financial operations

Riddle takes the guesswork out of your financial operations so your team won’t have to.

Reduce Cashflow anxiety, increase visibility

Easy identify issues with your reconciliation and get unique insights to make informed decisions.

Automatically reconcile all of your orders and settlements across your ecom stack

Stay on top of your financial operations

Move Faster, Reduce Stress
Riddle takes away the tedious work so you can focus on what matters most.
Onboard in minutes, not months
No more developer support and expensive consultant hires. Integrate your techstack with Riddle and get started
Integrate your Order Management System, Payment Gateways and Bank Accounts, so we can pull all of the transaction data and do the dirty work for you
We know teams work in different ways. We can push the data into your ERP/Accounting System or to a spreadsheet if you’d like.

Not all needs are the same.

It's ok, we are here for you.

Are you an Ecommerce Merchant?

We understand that your setup might be a bit more complicated. Don’t worry, we understand.

Are you a Marketplace?

High volume often means more complexity. We’re building something special with you in mind

Are you an Accounting Firm?

If you’re an accountant managing a portfolio of clients, we are coming up with a dedicated platform for you and your colleagues soon.